If you ever find that you need some urgent funds, then you'll be glad to know that Pooja Finelease Mortgage Loan allows you to borrow a substantial amount of money by mortgaging your property as collateral. Be it self-occupied or leased; commercial or residential, Pooja Finelease will give you finance against the property! You can avail loans of up to Rs. 5 cr. for tenure of up to 15 years.

Features And Benefits

Key Features

At Pooja Finelease we finance the following types of properties

  • Self occupied residences
  • Self occupied commercial property
  • Leased Commercial property
  • Leased Residential property
  • Lease Rental Discounting against residential and commercial properties
  • Loans upto Rs. 10 crores
  • Avail of tenures upto 15years

Special Services

To meet the needs of all our customers we bring you a complete suite of programs that are tailor made to your requirements, You can avail a loan under any of the following programs:

  • Normal Income Program: You can avail loan basis your financial statements.
  • Debt Consolidator: If you have multiple loans running and want to consolidate all the payments into one single EMI. There is also a flexibility of availing additional loan under this program.

Other Programs

Balance transfer programs Repayment track record

Document Custodial Facility : Pooja Finelease understands the importance of safeguarding your property documents and has entered into a strategic partnership with one of the leading storage facilities in India for storing your valuable property documents. You can be assured about your document residing safely with state of the art storage facility plus world class security systems and fire resistant storage rooms.